Quiet zones

Before Christmas you polled passengers for their views on quiet zones on trains.

According to the web site 89% of voters said they should stay and there were 1,334 comments. 

Could you give us an update on any progress since then? I was on a train last week where there were 5 people shouting into their phones at the same time in a quiet carriage.

I understand that SWR is unlikely to support an expensive way of dealing with the issues that were highlighted in the comments but there are some solutions which are free, eg asking guards to ask people to check which carriage they are in before they start bellowing into their phones and others eg producing larger more prominent warnings which would not be materially expensive. 


  • Hi Jonathan,

    That poll was handled by a department separate to ours.  We deal with Information and we did see many replies from customers on Twitter as the link was being sent out.  As a straw poll, it would seem that the Quiet zones are popular.  As to how to police them, is another more complicated matter.  I will find out who is dealing with this and see if I can get an update.



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