Reduced carriages causing overcrowding

Hi - I commute daily on the Waterloo to Salisbury line and am getting increasingly frustrated at overcrowding as a result of reduced carriage numbers.  Both yesterday evening and this morning, I travelled on trains each missing three carriages, meaning I and many other passengers had to stand for 1 hour +.  This seems to be happening more and more regularly - multiple times each week.  until the last few months the situation was very rare - I can only think of a single occasion in 2.5 years commuting under the previous franchise holder that this happened.  Can someone explain why this is happening so regularly now?  Is it the result of a change in operating policy and thus set to continue, or is it a result of short term issues with rolling stock?  In either case it is extremely unpleasant - far worse than a 15 minute delay, for which I can at least claim compensation.

  • Hi Markbe, we are working hard to improve our diesel fleet both in terms of on board experience and reliability. For every train we take out of our rolling stock to work on it reduces our ability to replace units that need to be removed from service because of unexpected faults or other issues. The youngest of these train units is 26 years old so they do require a lot of care to keep them running and because the line between Basingstoke and Salisbury is not electrified we aren't able to use any other rolling stock on this line. 

    In short this should be a short term issue but I can't promise it will never happen again!

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