Why heat the trains to 23C-24C in winter?

Who decides what temperature trains should be heated to? On the old rolling stock it is possible to open the window when a carriage is inappropriately heated, not so the new rolling stock. A central heating survey suggests that on average we heat our home to between 20-21C, so why do trains need to be hotter? Many passengers are wearing outdoor clothing so surely heating the trains to 23-24C is simply wrong as well as wasteful.

  • Hi Stephen, this is a really thorny issue with lots of customers, all trains should be set to 20 degrees in the winter and this allows for the doors to be opened numerous times letting out lots of warm air. As you can imagine if it the carriage is heated to 20 degrees and then suddenly becomes full the air con can sometimes kick in and customers complain that we are pumping cold air in. it is impossible for us judge how busy the train is going to be all day and then run round adjusting them every night depending on the weather. So we try our best but most of the time we can't please everyone. 

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