strike action

Here we go again, strike action again more peoples holidays and plans ruined by selfish workers wanting more money, they say its unavoidable, yes it bloody is you can choose any other weekend or week day to do your strikes but you pick that weeked you selfish gits, you just think of yourself and not the thousands of people and familys all traveling for there holidays and break away, you guys make me sick i used to have a lot of sympathy for you workers not anymore, not after you keep messing up familly holidays so i hope your all proud of yourselfs that my kids are all upset and i may not get to take them on holiday and the waste of money ive paid for it just so you can get a little extra, your a bloody joke and i really hope somethng like this happens to you when you go on holiday, this is totally avoidable, they are plenty of other times to strike, you make me sick you cold hearted uncaring so ans so, and you pretend that you care about your passengers dont make me laugh