SWR ATOS station announcements

Is there any particular reason why the default script that ATOS provides has been customised and over simplified so much, that it almost sounds like it is directed towards children?

For example;
'This train will terminate here' is now 'This train finishes its journey here'
'The next train to arrive/depart' is now 'The next train to leave'
'Where the train divides' is now 'Where the train separates'
'Due to short platforms, passengers for (station) should board the (front/rear) (number) coaches' is now 'If you are travelling to (station), you will need to board the (front/rear) (number) coaches'
Delay/cancellation 'This is due to' is now 'This is because of'
'(TOC) apologises for this late running and the inconvenience this may cause you' is now 'We are sorry that your journey will take longer than planned'. Alternatively, there is no need to announce it at all.

A few examples above of what SWR has done from the default script. Many of these new custom messages are mixed in with the old recordings, making it sound off and like a text-to-speech system, as well as an awkward pause between words.

The default script is more than adequate to announce messages and information (ATOS Anne) and personally I'd recommend SWR use this version. In my opinion it sounds a lot better and is clearer as it isn't a lot of clips, both old and new, put together, as well as having different speeds between recordings.

  • I think it is called the "Clear English campaign", perhaps "Crystal Mark"?

    Parts of the Railway Rule book ( and probably safety instructions in other industries) have been made almost unreadable by this sort of editing which removed many technical terms and phrases.