Non-folding electric commuter scooters - policy?

During the rush hour London commute, Non-folding bicycles are not allowed on the train service. However there has been a rise in people bringing non- or only partially folding electric scooters on my regular commute. Whilst the green credentials I'm sure are admiral, the size of these scooters are a menace. Are these really permitted to be carried on peak services? 

  • My friends gave me an electronic scooter Glion Dolly 215, this is a super thing. I do not know how I used to live without him. But now I am concerned about the rules of driving on electronic scooters. I would like to fully use the scooter and ride it to work. In the near future, a bill will be issued as a result of which the Electric Scooters will receive admission to public roads in the UK. It will be very good.

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