Dangerous Ticket Barriers Woking

Regrettably, for the second time in under a year, I was injured this morning again at Woking Station due to staff negligence and faulty ticket barriers. From my original post in November from the first incident, I read that others had had the same experience at woking.

My original formal complaint was closed without clear resolution (SWR-181112-AJJ) back in November when pretty much the same thing happened. 

A number of passengers appeared to be having problems with their ticket this morning. The barriers wouldn't open at all or fully. This is a nearly weekly occurance with at least one or more gate out of order.

I first reported barrier safety issues at Woking in November of last year without seeming resolution. I was told to sue them for injury or go away in as many words and assured that the barriers would be fixed. They are often faulty and no changes see to have happened.

My gold card was rejected by the ticket barrier (my wife uses Mobile Tickets).  We approached the wide gate on Platform 1 roughly around 7:50 am, we showed our tickets and was ushered through by the gate agent.  He then stopped paying attention.
My wife was able to pass through, but the barrier slammed shut on me as the gate agent was not paying attention.  Despite my cries in pain and distress the gate agents right next to me continued to one carry on a conversation on the phone and another carry on a conversation.  When I called out for help again and asked why they left me, they said I should have put it in the barrier and appeared to make a gesture at me. 
I reported the issue to a manager on duty at the station on platform 4 he was very nice, he appeared to speak to the gate agent but he seemingly did not want to collect any details from my self or place the incident on written record.  I do not know what happened since, I was not offered any further assistance at the station although I was clearly shaken.  While I have no breaks/sprains I am bruised. 
Other than the suggestion for me to place legal action against SWR on my previous case SWR-181112-AJJ  (Which I do not want to do - I just want the barriers fixed and safety regulations to be followed) I have been I feel stone walled. There has been no clear action taken, the barriers are still in a terrible state of repair frequently failing.  Staff dont meet their duty of care. Is this a SWR or a Network Rail issue?

I am not asking for any form of compensation or special treatment, I just really want to know that staff will complete their duty of care and that the barriers will be properly maintained. There seems to be Zero concern from SWR the limited replies I have had are extremly cold and clinical.

Has anyone else had a similar experience at woking recently?