Which Railcard ?

hi, i am unsure what railcard to get.
I travel to St Thomas Hospital with my daughter who is an adult , I have 3 visits to make between now and March, i was thinking 2for1 card,
But i  also travel to London on my own on occassions , and also travel with my husband who is over 60
So i am wondering which travel card will be more money saving

  • Hi, if your journeys will start after 10am (may vary depending on the station you are travelling form) I would recommend a Network Rail card. The cost is £30 for a year. This will give a discount for between 1 - 4 adults (also up for 4 children) travelling together at all times. There is a minimum fare Monday to Friday of £13 per person. For more information please see the following > www.network-railcard.co.uk