Meet the Manager - On no, let's bunk off early

I turned up at the Meet the Manager at Waterloo this evening, to find that the Senior Managers had bunked off early. It was advertised as 4pm to 7.30pm. See I was there at 7.20pm and no managers were present. I asked at the information kiosk where it was, and was told it had been packed up early.

Oh the irony, many of your passengers would love to bunk off early, but with a performance of 25% over the past 12 weeks on my morning commute, invariably I am getting to work late and must make up for lost time.

I therefore spoke to the Duty Manager, Peter, and said I want to meet one of the managers, who bunked off early this evening. I expect that commitment to be honoured.

Easy question - please could you confirm when the Meet the Manager packed up this evening?