Customer updates

Please could SWR start to provide meaningful updates for customers

If i look back through the "Updates and News" section the most recent update was made at the end of April and related to some minor timetabling changes. 

Previously there was a "Spring customer report" but we have not had a summer or an autumn report.

Previously the performance stats were posted on the updates and news section of this forum but that has stopped. You have to search carefully on the main SWR site for them now. 

Any new update should cover areas such as the substantial timetabling changes that were due to come into force in December 2018 (since Andy Mellors statement in July we have heard nothing), punctuality (the current figures look horrific Period 8 less than 45% of trains arrive within 1 minute of the scheduled time, 3% of trains are cancelled), complaints (including how complaints are used to make improvements) and also a detailed breakdown of the delivery of the franchise commitments (including new or refurbished trains) 

Thank you