why are customers required to use non recyclablecups and not allowed to provide their own cup?

  1. I am traveling on the 7.25am from Exeter st David’s to Waterloo. There is a trolley service, and I brought my own cup to buy tea. I was told that I couldn’t use my own cup as it was “unhygienic” for other customers if the attendant had to handle my cup and I could only buy tea in an Unrecyclable cup. She was however handling money and debit cards and then serving food without hand washing! Please could you consider changing this ridiculous policy. All other major coffee outlets now encourage customers to provide their own cup.
  • Hello Awood, customers are currently unable to use their own cups when using our on-board catering service due to the health and safety risk it poses.

    Cups are required to have tight fitting lids, and need to be able to fit comfortably underneath the hot water dispenser. As you may know if this is no longer the case, then accidents are prone to happen. I believe the catering company that SWR uses are currently looking into changing the cups they use, but I'm not sure what progress has been made with this. 

  • I totally endorse what AWood said as I purchased a cup of tea on a SW train and asked the man with the trolley to put in my reusable coffee cup with a tight fitting lid which I had with me. It is a regular size and has a lid and I have used it without any problem on several other train lines on many occasions.

    Not only did he refuse to use it but he told us that until he had written instructions to do so, he had no intention of using it.

    My question is, when is SW Railway going to step into line with other rail companies and do their bit for the environment?