Why is Lost Property being handled by such an incompetent company - MissingX? It looks like my keys are listed but there is no way to contact anyone... even when you pay their 'charge'.

I have tried to claim a set of keys that I think are mine but I submitted before I'd finished trying to put the time and description in. No way to amend and no way to contact anyone.  There's no acknowledgement or confirmation that my claim is recongised or being handled.  I need my keys urgently so   I paid the 6.99 in the hope that it might create a better service.... still the same issue.  They sent me an email saying it would now take 5 days to process with my claim number. which is <claim_ref_no>! It is, of course, a no reply email so nothing I can do to follow up..  Completely hopeless.  Who is responsible for appointing this company?  Perhaps they can do something about the cavalier approach to customer service.

The way to enter a time on their site is beyond stupid - it shows a drop down arrow but in fact you have to use a slider bar.  No explanation given.

I really would appreciate it if someone could find out how I find out if the keys are mine and how I then go about getting them back quickly.

Deborah Hogarth