Security Announcements


I see there have already been a couple of discussions related to the new "See it, say it, sort it" annoucements played on trains, and it looks like this is under review which is good news. But I just wanted to make the point that, as someone who frequently travels on other operators' services, I have not once heard this announcement played on any other operators trains. I have heard it at stations everywhere but regularly travel with Southern, Thameslink, Virgin West Coast, Northern, Arriva Trains Wales, GWR, and have not heard the announcement on any of their trains, however I hear it a few times an hour on a journey with SWR.

I'm just wondering if either SWR have taken an over-zealous approach to implementing the DfT directive, or if we are genuinely more at risk when travelling through the South West region? 

Hopefully its not just a matter of time before other TOCs start bombarding us with it aswell!