Please tone down security announcements


Please can you stop the train announcements pertaining to "If you see any anything suspicious or anyone acting suspiciously..." they are not necessary, of a darkly Orwellian nature and I don't want to have to explain to my children why you're making these announcements. Travel on your network is not exposing me to any significant security risk.

Something simpler like " the guard can be found XXX and you can contact transport police on 1234" is more than enough.

Let's build a future when the 99.9999999% of your customers who are not terrorists and will never encounter one are able travel without multiple reminders to regard their fellow passengers with suspicion.

It's plain common sense, human decency and simple statistics.

I'm on the 18.01 Waterloo to Epsom and you've made the awful announcement 4 times by Wimbledon, within 9miles.

I'd be grateful if you could say no to the fear mongering, add a little humour and just provide simple helpful info very infrequently.

Many thanks