Civil Action proceeding. Environmental Health also being contacted

I have complained three times now and I am tired of being woken up by trains sounding horns for no reason from as early as 05:30 and as late as 23:30 - this is affecting me and many others. Never in the history of me living in this area have we ever been disturbed as we are now. It happens without fail, there is no real reason for this nor is there a need. It's been the same for weeks now and my life is becoming unbearable, I am already seeking to move area, but in the meantime I will pursue this complaint until I get a satisfactory result.

The moment the courts open I will be placing an action against you South Western Railway. I will also be contacting the environmental health and making sure this complaint is taken seriously.

Acoustically, in the area I live the sound is amplified to a massive degree. Having lived here for over 8 years never have I experienced such ignorance. The trains themselves are not an issue, but the way in which the train drivers are sounding the horns would make anyone think children are driving them. I have complained without any reply or response from you and now it's time for me to take this matter into my own hands.

I am sick and tired, quite literally of this ignorance and will not stop until I get a result. 

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