Has anyone worked out how to claim for a season ticket refund?

I have been going round and round South western railway website and cannot find the right online form. Must be thousands looking to apply ...

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  • from what i can tell, you have to go through the normal season ticket refund process so you get the calculated remaining value based on paying for 10 months and 12 days over a 12 month period. this means giving up the whole remaining time on your current ticket

    so this means when we are able to go back to 'business as usual' a new ticket would have to be purchased at this years rate even if you would have had time remaining on last years.

    when the government announced that commuters would get refunds a lot of people, myself included, assumed this would mean there would be pro rataed refunds based on the amount of time we are told not to use the trains. it seems more like the government will be underwriting the cost of refunds for the rail franchises but the refund process is not being changed to make any allowances for the situation

    i guess the only hope is that this changes over time 

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