E&T "Paperless"


Have noted in the November issue of E&T, the December issue was to be paperless, I followed the advice to downlaod the E&T App to my iPadThe publication date was stated as 6th December. When checking via the App on that date, the latest issue show was the November one, as it was also on 7th December. On 8th December the Paperless and Paperless Lite appeared.Both were downloaded with the Paperless version the first to be opened. In flicking through as per the onscreen guidance, I have yet, after many attempts, to get right through this version. After about eight or nine pages the App drops out with one having to start from the beginning again. Frustrated, I have given up trying to find out all that is in this issue of E&T.The Paperless Lite version works perfectly, though as would be expected there are only a few articles, being a condensed version.I would be interest to know what other Members have experienced, having downloaded the App to be able to read the December issue of E&T.

Please help.

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