Rail Replacement Road Services

I know that the pointwork replacement at Eastleigh is short notice work. Romsey - Salisbury is  verging on an emergency situation.

Unfortunately the information provided has sunk to a new low.

Replacement buses

Replacement bus services run on the following routes. Please note that due to variable road conditions we are unable to provide specific timetables for these buses. 

Why couldn't the Southampton - Brockenhurst and Southampton - Woolston services be published as they would be unaltered.....

Not so many years ago there were basic bus timetables for expected emergencies (if that makes sense)  were held in train planning and TOC Control. Was such expreience thrown away with the change of franchise?

  • Totally agree.  I travel daily from either Mottisfont and Dunbridge or Romsey to Waterloo, either via Southampton or Salisbury.  I am now reliant on the supposed GWR hourly train between Romsey and Southampton Central, which appears very unreliable - 0637 Romsey to Soton nearly always cancelled, and apprears to be only every 2 hours in the evening.  The rail replacement busses are a joke, no timetable published and  this evening I got on the bus, having asked for the bus to Romsey and it took an hour as it went via St Denys, Eastleigh etc.  There was a chap on the bus trying to get to Redbridge and he probably has not got home yet.   What I cannot understand is why SWR have cancelled the trains in either direction from and to Romsey.  It is only the leg between Romsey and Salisbury that is closed, and that is some way from Romsey.  Why cannot a circular route be run to serve local stations instead of a replacement bus service?  It adds an hour onto my already long commute and is not sustainable.