Delay Repay system -- important customer uploading instructions: only upload a single scan showing both ticket and photocard together

Through discussion with Customer Services today, I have discovered that there is a significant problem with uploading documentation to the SWR Delay Repay system.

The mobile system only allows the uploading of one scanned document -- multiple documents are simply overwritten.

This explains why a recent claim I made on a weekly season ticket was rejected, and again rejected on appeal. This is because I was required to upload both the ticket and the photocard -- but as the system only accepts one document, the ticket document was simply discarded and repeatedly overwritten each time so that my claim had zero chance of succeeding, at least until I contacted Customer Services after my claim had already been declined twice.

Customer Services advised the following solution:

Please upload a single scan / photograph showing both your ticket and your photocard together. That way the Delay Repay claim has a chance of being accepted.

The previous Delay Repay mobile system did allow the uploading of multiple documents, but unfortunately the new one does not. I have suggested that this facility urgently be reintroduced as it is clearly required, with interim instructions added to the Delay Repay webpage to explain the issue until a fix is in place.

Until that fix is introduced, it is useful to know why claims are being rejected and how to avoid this --

Always make sure to upload a single scan only, showing both ticket and photocard together.