the new delay repay system - a tale of woe

TL:DR - the new system takes longer to submit a claim, potentially takes a week longer to get a response from, requires irrelevant/redundant information and we weren’t told about it until 2 days after it launched. what was this issue with the old system that this new one fixes?

Seeing the initial reaction to the new delay repay system and the zero reply from a SWR source - and no official SWR activity on this forum since the last time I called them out over 3 months ago - I’d probably be better off screaming this into a black hole, but who knows maybe it'll make me feel better!

I tend to 'save up' my delay repay claims and do them all in one go every couple of weeks, which I don’t think is uncommon or unreasonable for daily commuters. When I went to do this on the 25th march I was greeted with the new delay repay system and told to reset my password through the 'forgotten password' link. This didn’t work ('an unexpected error has occurred') so I submitted them without logging in

each claim now has 5 screens/forms to fill in, whereas the old one has everything on a single page form. The old system took about 2 mins per claim to do when not logged in, this took me over 45mins for 10 claims on the new system. so it takes over twice as long to submit a claim on the new system

Both systems give acknowledgements that the claim has been submitted, the old system said a response should be received within 15 working days, under the new system this has changed to 20 days. so it may take a week longer to get a response under the new system

Depending on what you select for the delay, the new system asks for the 'reason for delay'. This seems redundant as the passenger charter states "Regardless of the reason for the delay, we will offer the following compensation..." and how/why am I going to remember the specific reason for delayed trains a week or so ago. The old system has an optional 'additional information' text box to put in anything else that wasn’t captured by the form.

I received an email on 27th march telling me the delay repay scheme was changing and I’d have to reset my password - 2 days after the new system was actually launched. It wasn’t until a couple of more days later that I was actually able to reset my password (same 'unexpected error' message as before).

My last set of claims under the old system were paid in 13 working days, the first claims under the new system were paid in 11 working days. Finally something that is quicker, but I do not think the 2 days faster pay-out is worth the extra effort now required to submit claims

It would be interesting to know what the perceived problem with the old system was, from a consumer point of view it seems like the new system is a solution to an issue that didn’t exist.

That did not make me feel better!!