New delay repay form - functionality

The new Delay Repay website is rubbish and has a basic ill thought out design.

As an example your historical claims are not sorted by date, there is no sort functionality nor ability to Search. I just had a claim rejected, and the rejected claim does not appear on the website.

I'd also like to understand how, when we are at Waterloo 12 people deep waiting for a delayed train, how will the automated system recognise this?

Please can the website functionality and Auto claim be addressed.

1. Address updates are not saved

2. Ticket image is not saved (why shhould I have to update each time?)

3. Ticket price, Photo ID not saved (I die inside knowing I pay £4k pa for the service). I know theorectically you may have different tickets, but guess most people are season ticket holders

4. Historical claims: cannot sort and sorted incorrectly

5. No ability to search for historical claims

6. data missing from historical claims

That's it. I found all this in 5-10 minutes.