New delay and repay website

What a complete sham. After yet more delays out of London Waterloo last night (25 March 2019), I was directed to the “new” website to submit a claim. Website crashed last night as clearly too many users trying to do the same thing. Eventually got round to doing it this morning on the way in and found application completely unusable on a mobile phone. I went through multiple rounds of password verification; the drop down boxes don’t line up so you are forced to enter information multiple times; and the terms and conditions at the foot of each page are positioned to hover over the blue “next” buttons which makes it impossible to move forward on to each stage. All in all, it’s taken 40mins to submit one claim. Clearly not designed by a user and yet again, makes me feel like Southwestern are simply trying to stitch up their “customers”. Wouldn’t be so bad if customers had alternate means of commuting rather than being monopolised! There is also now an Automated Delay Repay function....great, but it fails to explain how I “tap in” when I arrive at Waterloo of an evening and the concourse is completely rammed because of yet more delays and it’s a scrum to get even near a ticket barrier, let alone figure out which platform the next train leaves from. On top of the now delayed response in dealing with claims for delayed trains, I suggest Southwestern would be better served trying to sort out their woeful performance in the business they are meant to be in...running trains on time!