Right to a refund if told not to travel

If train services are severely disrupted (as they were in the early morning on the Portsmouth Direct Line) on the 1st of February, I am entitled to a refund if I cannot travel as a result and this was advised by the station team. 

Under section 45 of the Consumer Rights Act, I am entitled to a refund of part of my season ticket if I am unable to travel (and directed not to by station staff). This is truly unacceptable to be breaking this commitment to your customers and this legislation provides the framework of customer rights.

On writing to customer services (as you previously advised), I got this response:

"I’m very sorry that your journey was disrupted, and I understand you did not travel. However, your season ticket is discounted, recognising the commitment you’ve made to travel regularly on our services, but also because we don’t expect you to travel every day for the duration of the season ticket."

You cannot refuse a refund for part of my season ticket just because you don't expect me to travel on every day of it when you provide an inadequate service!