Is the delay repay online form working?

I havent noticed any activity from official SWR accounts on this forum for some time so I assume it is no longer actively monitored.

Is anyone else having issues submitting delay repay claims through the online form?

I can put all the details in and when I hit submit get the 'we will be in contact soon' message but do not receive the automated email with my reference number and claim details, which i used to get instantly. I have been trying intermittently since 04/12/2018 with the same result. I have also tried from several different devices and through the app, which just provided a link to the same web form and gives the same result.

Having emailed through the contact us form on the web site and waited more than 10 days for a reply and waited on hold for 40+mins the last time I tried to call the customer service number it seems the only way to get stand a chance of getting any kind of reply is to sign up to twitter but then I wont have enough followers to warrant a response!!

I have no issues with the delay repay system when it works but there isn't a robust enough process in place when it fails and it seems the previous system of void days and renewal discounts was better for career commuters, especially now that 28 days have passed on some of my outstanding claims that I have not been able to make and I have little faith that they will be honoured.

  • Good morning,

    We haven't been informed of any issues with the online Delay Repay form. If you haven't been receiving the automated responses with your case numbers have you checked your Delay Repay account? -

    In regards to Twitter, we respond to the majority of questions, barring anything laden with profanity. During major disruption we may be a little slower with our response but we do endeavour to reply.

    Providing the initial Delay Repay was submitted before the 28 day mark, any compensation owed will be honoured.

    I hope this helps!

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