My First Claim Against SWR

4th Sept

Got on the 22.20 Fareham to Eastleigh train only to be told it is being diverted, won't be going to Hedge End, my destination, and to get off and wait 90 minutes for the next one.

Got on the next one the 23.53 to be told the same and to go to the help facility and they would arrange a taxi. This wasn't answered although pressing the emergency button did get me the transport police who, whilst they couldn't help were quite sympathetic.

Last train gone, deserted station I booked my own taxi.

Claimed via Delay Repay and it was denied almost instantly because I "abandoned" my journey. Presumably this person doubles as a comedy scriptwriter because it was me who was abandoned.

Have replied to the "customer service" email address given then I guess it's small claims court....