no delay repay updates

I currently have 9 delay replay claims dating back to the 20th March for which I have received no updates within the 10 working days stated on the auto email generated when making the claim.

I emailed the drenquiries address 14 working days ago with the reference numbers (at that time there were only 5 that were over 10 days old) and have not had a reply from them either, other than the auto reply stating i should have a response within 10 days 

When can i expect to hear if my claims have been successful or not?

Further to this, why do the confirmation emails not contain the information submitted? I am not convinced that previous successful claims have been paid out to the correct amount for the length of delay. It doesn't seem reasonable that I have to remember the exact details of each and every claim then work out which payment relates to which claim. Keeping track of all this is a full time job in itself.

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