Delay repay rejected. Do humans not look at claims?

My delay repay was first rejected for not having the right information which I had filled in so then had to reply which the journey details and photos which I had fully explained the journey in the comment box originally and nearly two weeks later you have rejected it as it doesn't meet the criteria? What criteria? I travelled by SWR and was over an hour late. My rejected email was sent after midnight so who looks at these claims or is it just a computer system?

I have further replied to this rejected claim and if I do not get what I am entitled to I will be forced to go to the travel watch obudsman because it is like getting blood out of a stone, I shouldn't have to keep jumping hurdles to get what I am entitled to. It's not the first time either.

  • I have 50% of my claims declined.  Generally its around the 15 mins delay.  It always 1 or 2 mins less than 15 mins.  I have now begun to film myselg getting off the train showing my ticket and the platform clock as evidence as my foot touches the platform.  I believe its all a fiddle by either SWR or Network Rail.  I have continually asked for audited times to prove the times they use but havent had a response. I now have filmed evidence which they cannot argue with.

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