Official request for SWR to pay compensation to passengers forced to stand on overcrowded trains running in short formation

My daughter and I had a truly miserable experience on SWR last Monday 16th April. The 0753 train from Guildford to Waterloo arrived with 5 coaches instead of 10.

This train is already dangerously overcrowded every day when it is in the correct formation, and so with half the number of carriages there were over 50 people in our carriage alone (including us) standing all the way to London. That means that there were at least 250 people on the train who had to stand throughout their journey.

I would like to make an official request for SWR to pay compensation to passengers when they are unable to sit on trains because they run in short formation.

You have all the data required to compensate passengers who are affected in this way, because you know how many carriages run on each train and it will be very simple to nominate these services as eligible for compensation via the existing delay repay system. 

I have a lot of sympathy with the wonderfully sardonic comment by Deejbee on a parallel thread to this one, lamenting SWR's weak apology on the subject.

Nevertheless, it is essential that passengers make their views and requests clearly and constructively known. That is why I wish to make an official request for SWR to pay compensation to passengers travelling on overcrowded trains which run in short formation.

If other users and the SWR Rail Users' Group feel that they should like to support this request, then it would be very helpful if you would please also indicate your support and agreement by replying below. Many thanks.