Delay impact on connecting service

SWR cancelled an early train which resulted in me missing a connecting train. The final result was arriving over 30 minutes late for a meeting. SWR have provided compensation for their part of the journey but did not taken into consideration the fact that the ticket for the whole journey was purchased from them and as a result of their unannounced decision the whole journey was affected.  According to the SWR site there can be compensation for missed connecting services. What is the criteria ?

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    Hi Don

    When you claim Delay Repay you claim for the whole journey and your overall delay, rather than just for a specific train or component. When you make the claim, it is very important that you provide full details of your overall journey, along with evidence of the ticket purchased, so a fully appropriate decision can be made in respect of your overall journey delay. 

    If you haven't done this, then you will need to either appeal the claim decision and supply additional information, or place a new claim with us via the Delay Repay process.

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