DELAY REPAY: What percentage of claims are rejected?

SWR - can you tell me 1, what percentage of claims are rejected 2, how many are disputed 3, of the disputed how many are then approved?

Under the old system as a season ticket holder I got an automatic refund. Now I have to claim individually. My travel is WOKING-WATERLOO-WOKING. Therefore I benefit from frequent trains. However my claims are sometime erroneously rejected on the basis I could have got another train (and got there within 15 minutes late). Secondly claims for more than 2hr delays are still refunded for 1 single ticket, not a return.

Many other issues with the system, but interested to know why have to fight many times for a £2 refund, when already been delayed. 

  • Hi Simon,

    We won't publish figures on the number of delay repay claims we receive or the number that are paid out or rejected. 

    I personally don't have access to the delay repay system so I can't advise on specific journeys but as a season ticket holder a delay of 120+ entitles you to 100% of the value of the delayed journey. Your season ticket is made up of 464 journeys so this would be about £7 for you.

    The system isn't perfect and some of it is completed by humans which does open us up to errors. We are very aware that there does seem to be some claims which are genuine being rejected by mistake and we are working hard to keep these to a minimum.

    I am very sorry for any difficultly you have experienced whilst trying to claim delay repay.

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