Why does it take my son so long to get a refund?

My son is at uni in Winchester. Nearly every day there are delays or cancellations. As a student he does not have spare cash, so why so long to refund? Also he misses a lot of lectures because of cancellations and delays. This is not a good service for the public.

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    Hi Lisa

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    I'm sorry to hear that your son has been experiencing some journey issues with some of our trains.

    The new Delay Repay enables all our customers to access compensation for delays of 15 minutes or more, unlike the previous franchise's Void Day system which had much narrower eligibility, both in respect of what disruption/delays could be claimed for and who could make a claim. This is why Delay Repay is becoming the industry standard and is being adopted by most train operators.

    Consequently, our Delay Repay system is used by a very large number of customers. The number of claims we receive means that a certain amount of processing/waiting time is experienced before the claim is fully processed and responded to. 

    If we have had serious disruption, then the number of Delay Repay claims can increase markedly over a short period immediately following this, and this will correspondingly increase processing times.

    Looking further ahead to early 2019, we will be rolling out full system automation along with new smart ticketing, and this will mean that customers no longer have to make manual claims every time they experience a delay of 15 minutes or more. This will make the process of reimbursement easier and faster for every customer.

    I have asked our Delay Repay team to update me as to what is the current default average processing time, and I will update you further once I have this information.

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