Annual season ticket - delay repay - 120+ mins


I've found two conflicting conditions with regards to delay repay for 120+ minutes for a season ticket holder.

This page: under the question, "What am I entitled to?" says that compensation for a season ticket holder for delays of 120minutes or more is 100% of the value of the delayed journey.

However, this page:  under the question, "Why was my claim declined or not processed?" suggests that that the delay for 120+ minutes would allow compensation for a full-days travel, which to me implies a return journey, and therefore the equivalent cost of two single tickets. ([Quote: "Where a delay of 120 minutes occurs, the calculation for this provides you with 100% of the cost of the day’s travel (whether you are a season ticket or daily ticket holder). Because we provide the full cost of the ticket (or value of the day’s travel in the case of season ticket holders)"]

Could you please clarify the situation here as it seems unclear what season ticket holders are entitled to for a 120+ minute delay. 

At present, the terms and conditions for SWR's delay repay scheme for season ticket holders seems quite fragmented and is split across multiple web pages. Is there a single, clear document that sets out the exact terms of your delay repay policy?

Many thanks.

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  • I had the same issue trying to claim for delays in June when it took me 5hrs to get home to Salisbury from Waterloo. I have received compensation for a single journey (or the annual season ticket equivalent) but I was expecting the travel costs for the day to be refunded (i.e. both portions).

    I called customer services who checked the website and then told me I was only entitled to 100% of the single journey even though holders of return days tickets would be entitled to 100% of the return ticket.

    I believe this to be an error on both the website and in the passenger charter as it is not aligned to the majority of other train companies. Southern and South Eastern make it very clear it is 200% of the single journey equivalent for season ticket holders, others such as Northern, West Midlands, Cross Country, LNER, East Midlands etc all stating that compensation is up to the return ticket cost (both portions) for delays of 120+ minutes. As a season ticket holder I have the equivalent of a return ticket albeit at a cost of 2/464 of my annual season ticket cost. That is what I should be refunded surely?

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