Annual season ticket - delay repay - 120+ mins


I've found two conflicting conditions with regards to delay repay for 120+ minutes for a season ticket holder.

This page: under the question, "What am I entitled to?" says that compensation for a season ticket holder for delays of 120minutes or more is 100% of the value of the delayed journey.

However, this page:  under the question, "Why was my claim declined or not processed?" suggests that that the delay for 120+ minutes would allow compensation for a full-days travel, which to me implies a return journey, and therefore the equivalent cost of two single tickets. ([Quote: "Where a delay of 120 minutes occurs, the calculation for this provides you with 100% of the cost of the day’s travel (whether you are a season ticket or daily ticket holder). Because we provide the full cost of the ticket (or value of the day’s travel in the case of season ticket holders)"]

Could you please clarify the situation here as it seems unclear what season ticket holders are entitled to for a 120+ minute delay. 

At present, the terms and conditions for SWR's delay repay scheme for season ticket holders seems quite fragmented and is split across multiple web pages. Is there a single, clear document that sets out the exact terms of your delay repay policy?

Many thanks.