Our house rules for social media

Making our social communities a more positive place

Social media is a vital and valuable tool in communicating with you. Many of our customers find it a useful and convenient way to get in touch with us. We welcome your feedback, comments, and conversations with us on Social Media through any of our channels.
We (AW, AJ, BV, BK, CM, DB, DH, DWF, DW, ED, GH, GV, JW, JH, JM, KSF, MC, MA, MB, MW, NW, NM, RN, SM, and TH and the Messenger team) look forward to talking to you!

We can help with:

  • Clear and specific questions about routes and timetables, changes to train times, offers, competitions and destinations
  • General enquiries about the business, where we operate, and the trains we run
  • Reports about trains and stations (such as things that aren’t working properly)

  • Logging formal complaints
  • Information about the status of a refund
  • Delay Repay Applications
  • An update on a complaint or enquiry
  • Ticket bookings
our customer service team will be happy to help.

Quick Guidelines
To help make our social media communities as positive as we can, we ask that you follow the guidelines below:
  1. Be respectful. Please don't post any content that contains profanity, personal attacks on other users or our colleagues, hateful/discriminatory language, threats of violence, obscenity, explicit material or defamatory remarks.
  2. Don't spam. Comments that are off-topic when we're answering a question from a customer, or overtly promotional take away from the purpose of using social media to get in touch with us. Posting the same content multiple times in a discussion can also be considered spam, whether it's from one person or multiple people. We welcome linking customers to resources online, as long as they're relevant and constructive.
We regularly moderate comments and reserve the right to delete any user-submitted data that we hold, or block/ban any users at our sole discretion.

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