Delay Repay FAQs

How do I apply for Delay Repay?
There are three easy ways to apply for Delay Repay:

To enable us to process your claim for Delay Repay compensation we ask you to apply within 28 days of your delay. We will process your claim within 20 working days.

All claims are checked and verified. You should make claims for yourself, rather than behalf of others - though we can accept claims on behalf of families (there's more below). You should only claim for the delay that you experienced. We'll use train running information to verify your claims. We also reserve the right to, if necessary, take further action if knowingly inaccurate claims are submitted.

What am I entitled to?

We calculate the amount of compensation based on the value of the journey you've made. A return ticket's value is split in half for each journey.

Length of delay (minutes)  Amount of compensation available for tickets purchased
  Single ticket Return ticket Season ticket
15-29 25% 12.5%
30-59 50%  25% 50% 
 60-119 100% 50%  100% 
 120 or more  100%  100%  100%
  Of the cost of the single ticket Of the cost of the return ticket
Of the value of the delayed journey
Calculating compensation for season ticket holders

If you’re a season ticket holder, your compensation will be based on the value of the delayed journey. As season tickets are valid for a period of time. to calculate the value of each journey, we divide the cost of your season ticket as follows:

  • an annual season ticket covers 464 single journeys
  • a six-month season ticket covers 240 single journeys
  • a three-month season ticket covers 120 single journeys
  • a monthly season ticket covers 40 single journeys
  • a weekly season ticket covers 10 single journeys

How can I receive my compensation?

It’s your right to receive your compensation in the same way as you paid for your ticket. You can choose to be repaid by

  • Electronic bank transfer (BACS)
  • Credit or debit card
  • National Rail Vouchers (which can be used as payment or part payment towards any National Rail ticket, including season tickets).

The online form is the most secure way for us to receive your payment details. We can’t accept your financial information by post, so we can't offer you BACS payment if you're applying with a paper form.

What should I include when making a Delay Repay claim?

Filling in a claim is easy, and by signing up for an account you can save your repayment and contact details to save time. For us to make sure you get the right amount of compensation, you'll need to provide proof of travel and some details about your delayed journey. 

Proof of travel information will vary according to what type of ticket you've used. If you're supplying a photo, all the details we need should be legible. We might need to contact you again if we're not able to validate your claim. 

Touch Smartcard:
  • Touch Smartcard number and the receipt/booking confirmation.
  • If you have a smartcard issued by another train company, provide the card number and the receipt/booking confirmation showing details of the ticket(s) held on your smartcard
Paper season tickets
  • A scan or photograph of your season ticket and photocard for ALL season ticket claims
Paper single/return tickets
  • Your original ticket, or
  • The ticket receipt containing your journey details (if you no longer have your ticket)
  • A screenshot showing your ticket and the barcode and your receipt, proof of purchase or booking confirmation
Oyster and contactless:
  • Oyster season ticket: a receipt showing the date of purchase, the price you paid and the zones covered by your Oyster card
  • Oyster pay as you go or contactless payment: a print-out showing where you touched in and out and the cost of your journey

If your card is registered, you can obtain a statement by visiting

How long do I have to make my claim?

Claims for Delay Repay should be submitted within 28 days of when you travelled. ADR will generate a claim for you within 2-3 days of when you tapped out with your Touch smartcard.

Will I get compensation if my train is cancelled?

Delay Repay compensation is based on the delay to your overall journey, so if a cancellation delays your overall journey by 15 minutes or more you will be entitled to Delay Repay compensation. We will base our assessment for your compensation on you catching the next available train - you can tell us if you weren't able to do this and we'll take that into account.

ADR only generates delay claims when you tap in and tap out, so if your train is cancelled and you haven't tapped in before that train's scheduled departure time you'll need to make a manual claim.

Can I submit more than one claim at a time?

Yes, but you need to submit each claim individually. You can save time by signing up for a Delay Repay account. We'll store you details and repayment preferences to help make each claim quicker.

What if I am delayed on a multi-leg journey?

If you're travelling with a number of different train companies, you should make your claim to the company on whose train you were delayed. You should also make sure that you leave enough time to make connections in normal circumstances - online journey planners can help you plan your journey.

Why were you unable to approve my claim?

There are a number of common reasons that we're not able to approve a claim, including:

  • incorrect journey information, for example the date or time you travelled
  • the delay was less than 15 minutes
  • the claim was a duplicate of one you've made before (for the same date/time)
  • ticket already been used for a claim
  • multiple claims for the journeys that weren't possible
  • claim has already been made for that journey
  • Your claim was submitted outside of 28 days
  • Your ticket was not valid for the journey you have claimed for – please check the details of your ticket
  • The delay occurred with a different train operator. If this happens we'll forward your claim to the train operator we believe is responsible for your delay
  • You have exceeded the maximum compensation payable for a day’s travel*

We will always tell you why we haven't been able to approve or process your claim. To help us approve your claim as quickly as possible, please make sure you double-check your journey details before you submit the claim to us.

*Where a delay of 120 minutes occurs, the calculation for this provides you with 100% of the cost of the delayed journey (whether you are a season ticket or daily ticket holder). Because we provide the full cost of the ticket (or value of the day’s journey in the case of season ticket holders), compensation is capped at this level for the day.

Am I entitled to Delay Repay if the timetable has changed?

If we introduced a temporary timetable (due to, for example, poor weather) our Delay Repay guarantee will be based on that temporary timetable.

For engineering work, online journey planners are updated six weeks in advance, and you should make sure that you check your journey around that time. Delay Repay will apply to the engineering work timetable.

How do I make a claim on behalf of members of my family, if we travelled together?

Although our process is designed for the person who experienced the delay to make the claim, we do understand this isn’t always possible or practical, for example where a family are travelling together and experience a delay. In such instances we are happy for one individual to process claims for all the individuals who travelled.

If you do want to make a claim for a group, then please make sure that the ticket image you upload includes everyone's tickets - this means we can pay everyone's compensation.

Can I send you multiple Delay Repay claims via a letter rather than sending individual forms?

Yes. In many cases, however, it may be quicker to create an account at and save your details and preferences with us. This means you will only need to complete your journey and ticket details. It also means we can offer you the full range of repayment options, including BACS transfer direct to your bank account.

If you do wish to make a claim by letter, please make sure you provide all the details that we request when making an online claim. The 28-day limit for claims will still apply.

Why do I have to provide you with information about my ticket?

We ask for a scanned image and ticket information so that we can check it against industry sales data. It also means we can ensure you get the right amount of compensation.

How long does my train need to be delayed to get a refund?

You will be entitled to compensation if your overall journey is delayed by 15 minutes or more. This threshold applies to your overall journey rather than your train.

Can you claim Delay Repay on Oyster?

You can – you will need to provide a statement of travel, which you can get from TfL if your card is registered with them.

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